Hi there, my name is Steph. My main passion in life is music, and I love writing about it as much as I enjoy listening to it. There's nothing quite like discovering great music, whether it be an up and coming band, a musician from past decades or an unknown treasure.

In my spare time, I enjoy going to gigs. Seeing a band and hearing favourite songs played in a live setting is always a unique and amazing experience. Gigs are also a great way to meet fellow music lovers, and I have been fortunate enough to have met some of my closest friends through a mutual passion for live music.

I started this blog so I can write about artists and bands, songs and albums, music dvds…basically anything music related!

To get in contact, please email me at


  1. Hope you don't mind but I highlighted your blog to some of the Google+ Music Communities - not sure if you are already on there, apologies if you post there already...

  2. Hey Martin, I really appreciate this, thanks!