Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Bedroom Hour

The Bedroom Hour are a band I initially discovered through recommendation from fellow bloggers, in addition to the general enthusiasm and excitement that surrounds their music on Twitter and the various other social media platforms. Upon hearing their songs 'Nocturnal' and 'Heart Will Haunt', I was instantly drawn to the impressive vocal range demonstrated by frontman Stuart Drummond, along with the lush synths, dominant bass and other instrumentation that contribute to the overall solid production of their music. To say that both tracks left me eager to find out more about this West London based five-piece, and to hear further material, is a major understatement.

The Bedroom Hour's music is unique in that it is anthemic, yet structurally spacious, a quality that was evident in last year's Themes EP. Though all six tracks are consistently strong, upon the first few listens of the EP, 'Midnight Game' stood out as an early favourite. Lyrics like "The dark will not destroy your heart / There is enough light and love when you're with me" are particularly captivating, and further enhance the moody and atmospheric tone that is running throughout the song. Another key track is the dynamic 'X Marks The Spot', in which romantically inspired lines of "I will discover you from head to toe / There's not one inch of you I don't want to know" are followed by a beautifully intense guitar solo, that is backed by dreamy vocal harmonies.

Themes is a fine representation of a band that successfully fuse passionate and thought-provoking lyrics with haunting melodies, sharp hooks and energetic beats, amounting to an EP that is an endearingly authentic listen from start to finish.