Friday, 9 May 2014

The Bedroom Hour at Paradise, London - 27/04/14

In my previous post, I raved about the infectiously unique sounds of The Bedroom Hour, and their Themes EP - an album which I have been listening to non-stop since I first downloaded it from iTunes at the beginning of the year. Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the band's gig at Paradise - a charming and characteristic venue in Kensal Green. On arrival, I was taken aback by the luxe decor, spacious rooms, and overall thriving atmosphere of the place. This aside, I was primarily there for the live music, and The Bedroom Hour certainly did not disappoint, delivering an eclectic set that featured both material from Themes and new tracks from their upcoming album.

The band took to the stage at around 8:00pm for a thirty-minute slot, which though brief in length, was more than compensated by the sheer energy and tight musicianship that was evident throughout the impressive seven-track set. Both songs played from Themes - 'Heart Will Haunt' and 'Shadow Boxer' - translated fantastically in a live setting, with heightened dynamics that sounded just as thrilling onstage as on record. Just as awe-inspiring were Stu Drummond's powerful vocals, which remained on top form throughout the performance.

Key moments of the night centred around the new songs - most notably 'Sea Without Water', in which epically spacious synths rode high alongside poignant lyrics, while the bass-driven, steady beats of 'I See Suns', kept the set's momentum strong. Another highlight was the melodically enchanting 'Nocturnal', which proved a fine choice for a set -closer, even if it did leave the crowd yearning for more.

Upon reflection of the gig, it is apparent that The Bedroom Hour are a band whose bold instrumentation and dynamic vocals are suited to venues such as Paradise. However, they could just as easily be envisioned in arenas and stadiums, such is the anthemic sound their music holds. Though I enjoyed hearing the much-loved Themes material live, it was the new tracks that ultimately shaped the set, and left me eager for the release of their upcoming debut studio album - available now for pre-order through

'A Map Made From My Bones'
'Sea Without Water'
'Ghost Of A Smile'
'Heart Will Haunt'
'I See Suns'
'Shadow Boxer'