Sunday, 28 July 2013

Track of the Day: Quarter Life Crisis - James Craise

On 'Quarter Life Crisis', James Craise's soulful vocals deliver lyrics that are raw and honest. Lines like "Dreading Sunday, knowing that it's Monday / When I wake, it's more than I can take" are universally relatable, and succeed in being comforting rather than pessimistic. Though this is mostly due to Craise's impressively powerful vocal range, the track has a strong, flowing structure that adds further depth to the lyrics. A delicate piano is the dominating instrument, while strings and unison vocals add an effective intensity and richness to the song.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hidden Treasures: Looking Out To Sea - Red Sails

Glorious melodies and unpredictable hooks are a plenty on Red Sails' 'Looking Out To Sea'. The track offers up a sublime mix of sounds, from smooth guitars and tinkering keys to crashing drums, all of which flow effortlessly alongside soulful vocals and backing harmonies. Though the song is instantly addictive, solid production results in further interesting elements - both instrumentally and structurally - being revealed upon each additional listen.